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How To Keep Out Pests This Winter

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Radish. Radishes will repel striped cucumber beetles, who eat cucumbers and melons, and root-knot nematodes, which are parasitic worms that eat the roots of plants, causing reduced yield and death of the plant. To keep these bugs away, intersperse the radishes with other plants in your rows.

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Already troubled by psyllids, leafminers, mites, root rot, boxwood decline, winter winds, and a deadly new blight. States,

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Raccoons. Electric fences can be successful at keeping raccoons out of your plants; turn the electric on at dusk and turn it off in the morning. You can also use reinforced filament tape with glass yarn filaments to attach corn to the stalk. This will prevent raccoons from damaging the corn plants.

Jamie Nack, UW-Extension senior wildlife outreach specialist, discusses pests in the winter gives some tips on how to keep them out of your home.

Every winter stink bugs infiltrate homes across the United States, and two new studies published in the Journal of Economic Entomology by Benjamin Chambers may shed some light on ways to keep the.

The best Amazon Prime day deals happening this year Zebrafish.. Unlike some other pests, a mouse infestation is one that you can. “eliminating food is paramount to getting rid of a mouse problem,” Niedermeier says.

Every winter stink bugs infiltrate homes across the United States and two new studies published in the Journal of Economic Entomology by Virginia Tech researchers may shed some light on ways to keep the pests away.. In short, seal holes and gaps larger than 3-to-7 millimeters and remove any long-dead stink bugs, which may further attract other stink bugs.

 · Follow these five simple tips to keep pests out. #1 Inspect Your Home. Check every nook and cranny of your home to make sure that there are no enticing holes or openings that a pest can wriggle its way through.Be systematic about it: start from the foundation and move up from there.

Now that winter is here, scale insects have started. but I can at least keep the population in check. In a couple of months, they might get ahead of me, but by then perhaps the ladybugs that call.

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